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Business Copywriting & Editing

We help attorneys, CPAs, physicians, consultants, tech moguls, health professionals, and other business leaders shine by turning their brilliant ideas into words that move mountains. 


We’ve been blogging since blogging was born. With thousands of posts under our belts, we can confidently say ghost blogging is our favorite thing to do! Consider us your personal journalists reporting on what matters to you, your industry, and your customers. Have a content marketing strategy? We can plug right in. Don’t have one? We can help. 


Need an extra pair of writing hands? WordCove can capture your brilliant ideas for case studies, white papers, sales letters, books, video scripts, advertising campaigns, speeches, and more. Provide whatever you can upfront, and we’ll do the rest. Don’t know where to start? Need us to interview your experts or clients? No problem.


Could your words use a little polish? That’s where WordCove shines. Our services range from full copywriting to simple proofreading. Often, clients who love to write need help in just one area: developmental editing to clarify meaning and patch holes, proofreading to eliminate pesky little mistakes, or fact-checking to ensure a water-tight case. 

behind the words

LuAnn Glowacz is an Austin, Texas, executive ghostwriter and editor and serves as WordCove, LLC’s founder, president and CWN (Chief Word Nerd). She’s best known for helping entrepreneurs and business leaders sound as smart as they are. LuAnn spent her early professional years as a PR executive at agencies and in the nonprofit, technology, and healthcare sectors. These days, LuAnn prefers writing and editing in her slippers over speeding to early morning TV interviews. With WordCove, she’s ghostwritten thousands of blog posts, reports, case studies, op-eds, contributed articles and even some books – managing a great team of fellow writers when needed – for some of the top business owners in Austin, San Antonio, and throughout the country. Clients have included The HT Group, Steven Bankler, CPA, Ltd., WP Engine, Texas Hospital Association, Weird Homes Tour, the Beeswax Company, Anixter Power Solutions, Cook Children’s Medical Center, Austin Diagnostic Clinic, and IBM. 


Learn more about LuAnn, read recommendations from past clients, and contact her on LinkedIn.

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